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  1. Ambulance policy

  2. Are slapshots allowed?

  3. Are the locker rooms gender-specific?

  4. Backup goalies

  5. Breezers and hip protection

  6. Can a friend and I play on the same team?

  7. Can I be added to a game if my level is full?

  8. Can I cancel from one game and move to another the same night?

  9. Can I create a second account?

  10. Can I get a sub list for the entire season?

  11. Can I play two sessions in one night?

  12. Can I sign up as a skater and as a goalie?

  13. Cancellation policy

  14. Do goalies have to show up for games if they sign up for a net?

  15. Do you ever cancel a session?

  16. Goalies need confirmed mobile on file

  17. Head/Face Protection

  18. How are Captains chosen?

  19. How are teams chosen?

  20. How do AHA or WHAM levels compare to levels in JMS?

  21. How do I become a league team captain?

  22. How do I cancel from the Notify List for a game?

  23. How do I change levels?

  24. How do I get a refund of my JMS account balance?

  25. How do I get started?

  26. How do I know what level I am?

  27. How do I purchase credits?

  28. How do I register for a JMS Hockey Clubs season?

  29. How do I request to play with a friend?

  30. How do I sign up to sub for a league team?

  31. How do I upload an avatar?

  32. How do I use the Games page?

  33. How do the quotas work?

  34. How do you choose the session times and locations?

  35. How does the assessment survey work?

  36. How short should my shifts be? How do I know when to get off the ice?

  37. How will I know which rink or locker room to go to?

  38. I canceled — where is my refund?

  39. I forgot my password; what do I do?

  40. I have a question that isn't answered here in the FAQ; what do I do?

  41. I have never played hockey before; should I come anyway?

  42. I think I signed up for the Notify List; how can I tell?

  43. I think that I filled out the assessment survey incorrectly; what should I do?

  44. I want to complain about someone at my session; how do I do that?

  45. If there is no referee, how do we manage offsides and icing?

  46. Immediate cancellation

  47. JMS On-ice rules

  48. JMS Terms and Conditions

  49. League game day issues

  50. Looking to change your level?

  51. Minors / kids at JMS

  52. My session has low numbers; why don't you open it up to more levels?

  53. One person is clearly unsuited for the level of the session; what should I do?

  54. One person is taking really long shifts; what should I do?

  55. Should I bring anything besides equipment with me on the ice?

  56. Someone posted something inappropriate on the site. What do I do?

  57. The game I want is full; can I be notified if someone cancels?

  58. Trespassing after JMS removal

  59. Weather Policy

  60. What are the privacy controls and where are they?

  61. What do I bring to my first JMS skate?

  62. What do the session labels mean?

  63. What does it cost?

  64. What events can be advertised in JMS forums?

  65. What happens with the feedback that I give after a game?

  66. What if the teams aren't even and one is stronger?

  67. What if there is only one goalie?

  68. What internet browsers does the JMS website support?

  69. What is a goalie "hero signup"?

  70. What is parity hockey?

  71. What is the significance of my past 30 day history as a goalie?

  72. What should I do with my valuables during the game?

  73. When are new session times posted?

  74. Why are the prices different for some games?

  75. Why are winter ice times so late?

  76. Why can't I sign up for the session I want?

  77. Why did the funds in my account disappear?

  78. Why do you need personal information like phone number, age, and sex?

  79. Will I play the same position all game?

  80. ​If I have access for more than one level, can I sign up for a Community Session under my other level?

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