What do the session labels mean?

JMS uses shorthand to refer to its sessions:

  • Novice: Levels 1&2
  • Lower-level: Levels 1/2/3
  • Intermediate: Levels 3&4; or Levels 2/3/4; or Levels 2&3, depending on the individual session
  • Upper-level: Levels 3/4/5
  • Elite: Levels 4/5/6
  • All-level: Levels 1 through 5

Note: Just because your level is eligible for a session, doesn't necessarily mean that you can sign up. 

Players with permissions for more than one level will be directed into the appropriate mixed-level game; a skater with L2&3 perms is unable to sign up for an Upper Level (3/4/5) game, and a skater with L3&4 perms is unable to sign up for a Lower Level (1/2/3) game.

Also, to ensure parity, we maintain quotas for each level that differ based on the session, and your quota may be full for a particular session. If needed, JMS occasionally relaxes the quotas to secure sufficient skaters to make a session happen.

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