I canceled — where is my refund?

If you canceled more than 48 hours before icetime, your account will be refunded automatically. If you canceled less than 48 hours before icetime, we are happy to provide refunds even at that short notice, though at short notice they are contingent on the session's fill and thus your spot being taken.

If your cancellation from a game with low numbers results in that game being canceled, you may not be refunded for bailing from the game. Players in this situation will be notified by a warning message before they finalize their cancellation. 

We also provide 20 minutes leeway for skaters who sign up within the 48-hour pre-icetime window, and then remember moments later that they can't play. If you cancel within 20 minutes of signing up, even within the 48-hour pre-icetime window, your account will be immediately refunded. For full information, see the Cancellation Policy under JMS Hockey Overview.

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