JMS On-ice rules

By registering with the site, you agree to obey the JMS rules:
  • No fighting allowed. Ever. Fighting is grounds for ejection without refund for that session.
  • Wear full gear (shins, breezers, elbows, shoulders [optional but strongly recommended], gloves and helmet). You can leave off the shoulders, but everything else is required. You must have a helmet, but you are allowed to play with no mask or a half shield, though this is NOT advisable. YOU may be a great skater with perfect control, but what about when someone ELSE falls and their stick comes up?
  • If you come to a game without adequate protective gear, you will not be allowed to play and you will forfeit your session fee. We take safety seriously.
  • Bring a white and a dark jersey. Do not bring yellow, grey or orange as they are neither "dark" nor white.
  • "Don't ask, don't tell" -- don't tell someone else what to do unless they ask... and if you ask someone for advice, be clear about what you're asking, or you may hear tips and coaching from them for the entire session.
  • Don't come drunk or otherwise impaired. You won't be allowed to play and your credit will be forfeit. Be responsible: don't come drunk and don't drive drunk!
  • Players who break the on-ice rules may be removed from the JMS community, at JMS's discretion.

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