Breezers and hip protection

We are serious about safety and about having a good game of hockey.

Hip protection is absolutely required and we strongly encourage and prefer participants to wear breezers. When you sign up with the JMS website and when you sign up for an individual game, you acknowledge you will wear adequate protective gear. 

If you strongly object to breezers, you may wear Cooperalls or similar low-profile hip protection. HOWEVER, if you go this route you MUST inform the captain that you are complying with the protection safety rules. 

It is not the captain's responsibility to check everyone's hips and those who ignore the protection safety rules and come to the game without adequate equipment will not be allowed to play and will forfeit their session fee.

If you see someone who seems to be without breezers, remember that person may be wearing Cooperalls. If you have concerns, bring it to the attention of the session captain.

Besides safety concerns, a player who does not have sufficient protective gear forces everyone else in the game to play differently, more standoffish and less physical. That's not fair. Everyone wears full gear, everyone gets to play equally hard. 

After all, if it's good enough for mites to juniors to college players to the NHL, this is a piece of equipment that is good enough for us!

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