How do I know what level I am?

After logging into your account, click on the "Games" tab located on the top navigation bar. The default setting on the skate times page is set to display sessions you are eligible for - in other words - sessions that are your assigned level.  Your level(s) will be listed in the title of each session.  

If you are wondering which level you should be, take the online assessment and answer questions with neither excessive pride nor modesty. Here is how some other hockey organizations' skill levels compare to ours:

Level 1: New Players, AHA beginner school and D2, WHAM C3 and C2
Level 2: AHA D2 and D1, WHAM C2 and C1
Level 3: AHA C3, WHAM C1 and B2
Level 4: AHA C2 and C1, WHAM B1
Level 5: AHA C1 and above, WHAM A
Level 6: Former high school and college players

Note that placement is still on an case-by-case basis and may vary plus/minus a level from this model. 

If you feel you were placed at the wrong level, please do NOT create a second account--use the change level request form.

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