What is parity hockey?

In parity hockey, you will be playing with people at or near your own ability level. Newbies do not share the ice with former high school stars (except at our Community Sessions). At a parity hockey session, there should be neither "ringers" or "pylons." The play is tight because everyone has similar skills.

The first goal of JMS Hockey is to provide a parity game. While you could choose to play at an open pick-up at your local rink, skaters on the ice will be a wide variety of skill levels--tending towards quite sophisticated. At JMS, we monitor players to make sure everyone is with a group that both challenges them and lets them contribute to the play.

Some skaters demand to play above their peers under the idea that being on the ice with skaters who vastly outclass them will somehow rub off eventually. Other skaters want to take it easy and dominate the play, skating idly until they deign to take the puck at will and score at their leisure. Neither of the above scenarios is how JMS operates. By carefully evaluating players, we foster games that are fast and fun without being overwhelming.

For more information about JMS manages parity between our different levels, please visit our How JMS Parity Works page.

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