Looking to change your level?


Do you believe your survey placement is incorrect?

The assessment survey is designed to capture as much background information as possible to make an accurate decision about placing you. Please keep in mind that JMS Hockey caters towards beginner skaters -- even our high levels are not that high. If you failed to fill out certain information or still believe your survey placement is incorrect, continue with a support request and be sure to include ALL history about your hockey background with your e-mail. 

Looking to play with a friend?

JMS offers community skate sessions for this exact reason. We place people according to ability, not convenience factors like location, schedule, or friends / family.

Please read the level descriptions on this page here before you ask to change levels. If you still feel you have been placed in the wrong level, create a Level Change Request.

Most (90% of the time) level change requests will be resolved only after seeing the person on ice.

If you request a level change but do not sign up for a game, then JMS won't have enough feedback on your play to make a decision -- and so your level change will not make any progress towards a decision.

By requesting an evaluation, you acknowledge that you will need to attend a JMS pickup game that has a captain, in order for JMS to respond to your request.

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